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À la carless – The progressive dinner by e-bike

Wellington on a Plate is nearing it’s end for 2016 but there’s still a good weekend’s worth of time to get out and about and try the things you’ve been meaning to, but haven’t got around to...

Two shows on now in Wellington

First up, a brilliant interpretation of a Shakespeare’s Richard II. Richard II is a few years into his kingship and is starting to flex his power. After some dubious decisions regarding his...

So much on our plates!

Five & Dime WOAP dishes. Clockwise from top left: Wellington slushie, almond gazpacho and truffled white miso oysters, pineapple fritter, grilled sardine puttanesca. There’s only three days...



Ian Apperley

I’m an ICT Consultant concerned with disrupting business models and strategies to survive change. I am also a Freelance Writer currently working with NBR, Capital Magazine, Wellington Scoop, and What is IT Wellington.

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