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Review: The grass is meaner

Alec and Mary McPherson run a little cafe in scenic New Zealand called House of Mince. Mary is a little tired of the monotony of their life but she’s happy enough. Then a man known as Donkey...

A night at the Bolton Hotel

Back in August, our editor Jo attended the Bolton Hotel‘s Wellington on a Plate event and enjoyed it mightily. In the ensuing interplay on Twitter, the Hotel invited one of us to stay the night...

We hear from some of the 2016 candidates in the local body election

So, we asked some questions. And we hoped that candidates would get in touch with us. In previous years, we’d obtained a spreadsheet of every single candidate and emailed them, and frankly,...




Previously, I had a twenty year career with Inland Revenue, New Zealand. The photo was taken for the purpose of Inland Revenue’s “Career” page during my better looking days. To summarise briefly, I started out as a Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) auditor. I built my career along a tax technical path (meaning interpretation and analysis of the law). Along the way, I undertook a variety of projects including a role in Western Samoa and Norfolk Island. I was a senior analyst/senior adjudicator within the Adjudication and Rulings business group and eventually the manager of the Field Liaison and Communication unit within that business group. My final project involved the restructuring of the business group into the Office of the Chief Tax Counsel.  I am now trying someting different by developing a multidisciplined project based website - www.ephiinspired.co.nz.

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