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Bloggers predict 2009

Posted by Unlimited Potential on 27/01/09 •  1 Comment
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The UP New Year Party: Predictions 2009!

Do you want to know what’s going to happen in 2009?

A year ago, we asked leading Wellington bloggers to predict the future for 2008.  Well, the future is now, so we’re doing it again, first off we’ll see if they got it right.

Once again, Wellington’s top bloggers will gaze into the future and tell us what the big news will be in the next twelve months. The wisdom of their prognostications will astound you—or amuse you, at the least.

The blogger who makes the best predictions—as voted by YOU, the audience—will be crowned UP Visionary of the Year for 2009, and receive an official certificate, a beautiful tiara*, and full bragging rights… at least until 2010, when we will vote again on whether to revoke their title.

The Blogger LineUP:

Philip Fierlinger
From Silicon Valley to Silicon Welly, Philip’s web design expertise and has been eagerly sought after by online businesses and conference-goers alike. Currently design chief at Xero, Philip’s passion for web usability also led him to establish his own consultancy. Philip is our reigning champion here to defend his throne and show ‘em how it’s done!

Brenda Wallace
The Capital City’s geek girl extraordinaire and queen bee of the software community, Brenda is to mobile technology and open source what honey is to brown bread, she makes it taste better!

Mauricio Freitas
Geekzone head honcho and microblogging enthusiast. If there’s a new gadget being launched you can be sure Mauricio has an opinion about it. Been renovating his kitchen for last 6 months and has forgotten how to cook, however is on first name basis with all the (good) cafe owners in town. Possibly Wellington’s most avid “Tweeter”.

Miraz Jordan
From MacTips to community I.T. and other “Oddities”, Miraz must surely be one of Wellington’s most prolific tech bloggers and professional web content authors. From Bach to Buying a Car to Battlestar Galactica Miraz shares the full gamut of cultural experiences.

The rules:

Each blogger will make 3 to 5 predictions in the following categories:

Predictions made by blog readers in comments are allowed, but must be credited.

Cheating—by using insider knowldge, in-depth simulations, latent psychic powers, reasoned analysis, alcohol, ouija boards, etc—is strictly encouraged.

The Event:

We predict that this will be an UP event like no other. Come to drink, meet and mingle, and at 6pm we will assemble to hear the bloggers reveal all—their own forecasts, and those made by their readers.

Then you will vote for the blogger who has made the most plausible yet unexpected claims about the year ahead. The blogger with the most votes will take the prize… 

The evening will conclude with a traditional Unlimited Potential feast: free pizza and beer! RSVP now to reserve your spot!

Date: Tuesday 27th January 2009
Time: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce, level 28, The Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street
Reviews/Comments: 1
Note: This is an 18+ event, minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian



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1 Comment

Philip Fierlinger, Mauricio Freitas, Miraz Jordan, and Brenda Wallace took over the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce stage on 28 January, presenting their predictions for 2009 at Unlimited Potential’s annual Bloggers Predict event:

Philip predicts that iPhone (along with Mac/Apple) will become even better; Google will increase its bid for global IT domination by buying social network site Twitter (in order to compete with Facebook); PayTV will fail miserably; Apple will launch a payment gateway and the New Zealand dollar will drop to around US$0.40… and Hilary Clinton will be scandalised when the world discovers she has been hiding a toy boy (“beat that Monica!”).

Miraz also believes Apple’s stronghold will continue with the IT giant securing 75% of the laptop market this year. In politics, she believes the new government will likely bring in compulsory licenses to use the internet (a la drivers’ licenses) off the back of the changes to the Copyright Amendment Act.

Mauricio (a Microsoft buff) forecasts that Windows will increase its domination of the domestic market in 2009; open source software darling GNULinux will increase its corporate share due to its adaptability; the evolution of Web 3.0 will arrive this year with “collective intelligence and context aware engines” along with a complete overhaul of website design (“say goodbye to the ubiquitous pink rounded corners on websites”); and the fall of a medium/large New Zealand newspaper in 2009.

Brenda forecasts that open source software will take over the IT market with technology users banding against the two corporate IT giants, Mac and Microsoft while gadgets will dominate the market this year with browsers Mozilla, Webkit and Opera leading the charge, as will iPods – the replacement for defunct PDAs and web tablets, and e-books which will rise in popularity.

After a highly democratic (!) voting procedure (following a points-based system), the Unlimited Potential community crowned Brenda the UP Visionary of 2009 with 1241.50 points.

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