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Sparking it UP

Posted by Jo Booth on 08/04/16 •  2 Comments
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British poet Dylan Thomas said it best when he wrote about not fading gently away. 

UP is still here, and there’s still a lot of potential to be explored.  Unlimited Potential, to coin a phrase. 

Keep an eye on us, we are about to spark ICT back UP….

If you’re keen to get involved - login and leave a note.

The outgoing Unlimited Potential National Executive met Friday 22nd April to cover off annual returns and legacy paper work, and are excited to have a number of new people offer to join the Exec.  We’ll have an announcement soon and keep an eye out for our events


Jo Booth
21 Apr 16

Looking forward to bringing the awesome back to ICT in Wellington - and from there to the world!

Acting Chair - #UPnz

22 Apr 16

That which burns at last, burns the brightest

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