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Name: Jo Booth

Jo has been an UP member since getting hooked on UP’s networking potential in 2004, and subsequently joined the UP Executive Committee in July 2005. Alongside UP, Jo is involved with a number of local networking organisations and projects including WelMac and MovieFest and is a huge fan of Apple tech, founding the the Wellington Macintosh Society New Media Group. He currently facilitates Mesh|net, hacks in GovHack and is occasionally seen working for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

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Network Facilitator
Additional Occupations
Network Facilitator for UP, Geek for Mesh|net, Senior Software Development Engineer for Hexagon S&I, Committee for WelMac, Trustee of MovieFest... seeking new opportunities
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Professional Skills
Grinder wink Integration Linux Software Development Cloud Computing Networking User Experience Technical Support Open Source Windows Server Web Services Security C## / C++ / C Analysis Customer Service Customer Satisfaction Customer Retention .NET System Administration System Testing Wireless Networking Process Optimization Oracle Enterprise Social Media Domain Registration Standards Compliance iOS Computer Aided Dispatch Hardware Diagnostics Web Applications HTML Servers Windows CSS Firewalls Programming Scrum Databases Oracle Agile Methodologies Software Documentation Testing Apple - including iOS, Swift Indoor Air Quality Diagnostics Pushing the Envelope

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Dad to a growing boy @lilblip, happily married to @CabbetteNZ, and expecting in Oct 2016
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Wellington, NZ
Jo Booth

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+64 21 526684

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Last Visit: 30/12/2016
Join Date: 12/05/2010