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What to do in Wellington with a motorhome

This post is sponsored by Wilderness Motorhomes Freedom camping area at the entrance to Te Kopahau Reserve. We love telling people what to do. Especially telling people what to do in...

Quick reviews of three shows in the Kia Mau festival

Opening last night at Circa Theatre SolOTHELLO, is a riotous one man retelling of Shakespeare’s Othello. (An unofficial British Council representative described it as the first time he’s...

The Open Space Plan

While the shape of this city is a curse for transportation planners, it is a blessing for anyone who even just occasionally wants to get outside, because the city’s edges are close by and...




I structured in Germany (studies and jobs, including “the internet”, according to a clueless employer), geeked out in the UK (I have an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University), managed in China (as a product manager for a web development company with an interesting portfolio), educated in North Korea (mostly myself but also budding entrepreneurs), - all leading up to my new role as commercialisation manager for digital and design at Victoria University of Wellington!

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