Unlimited Potential is a network of ICT professionals based in Wellington, NZ. Our goal is to provide our members with great free events and networking opportunities.

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Review: Space Couch

Tim Batt and Disasteradio’s Space Couch is a synthwave Communist talkshow, and I don’t think those words have ever been uttered together in a sentence before. Things go like this. The titular...

Review: So You Think You Khandallah

It’s 1982 in New Zealand, a time of Olivia Newton-John, Lazy Susans and brick mobile phones, and the students of the Khandallah Academy of Performing Arts are growing their skills, making...

Review: Snort with Friends

It’s not very easy to review improv, because it changes every night, but Snort with Friends is a very good time. From a series of monologues based off audience prompts, the Snort cast (in our...




Jayne Wallis recently returned to Wellington and joined Unlimited Potential, with a desire to be part of the Wellington ICT community and wanting to make contributions to that community by helping organise networking events.  There‚Äôs self interest with her involvement - Jayne is trying to start-up her own web company (The Lifebox Company Limited) and enjoys the opportunity to hear others speak about their experiences at UP events.  Jayne blogs about life and work bits and pieces at www.lifeboxarchive.blogspot.com, and runs a government consulting business Fivepeas Limited on other days to help pay for her caffeine addiction and the rent.

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