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Whatever Happened To Competitiveness?

Having spent a decade helping to build a technology business as well as giving back to the community along the way, I thought that I was making a valuable contribution to growing a more...


Twenty Eighteen could have been a disaster for me. Instead I’ve used this year to reflect deeply on my own personal motivations and devise a plan for where I’d like to head next. I dearly wish...

Against The Space Invasion

When “horseless carriages” were first introduced onto public roadways in the late nineteenth century, horse riders and pedestrians thought the end of the world had come. They were partially...




I structured in Germany (studies and jobs, including “the internet”, according to a clueless employer), geeked out in the UK (I have an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University), managed in China (as a product manager for a web development company with an interesting portfolio), educated in North Korea (mostly myself but also budding entrepreneurs), - all leading up to my new role as commercialisation manager for digital and design at Victoria University of Wellington!

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