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Once In A Lifetime

A series of events unfolded last week that caused me to take a step back and have a rethink about my world view and exactly what drives me to succeed in life. But to preface this story, let me...

Review/s: New Zealand Improv Fest Bonanza

I saw four improv shows last night as part of the New Zealand Improv Festival. In the interests of brevity, here’s a joint review of all four. Austen Found  Penny Ashton’s Austen Found is a...

Review: Space Patrol 5 (NZ Improv Festival)

I leaned over to my theatre-going companion just before the start of this show and pointed at one of the audience-made spaceships lying on the floor of BATS’ Random Stage. “That spaceship...




I am a UK-based IT Software Developer who is looking to move to NZ. (Visited in October 2013).

My experience is in C#.Net (5yrs) and AS400 RPG (20+ years)

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