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À la carless – The progressive dinner by e-bike

Wellington on a Plate is nearing it’s end for 2016 but there’s still a good weekend’s worth of time to get out and about and try the things you’ve been meaning to, but haven’t got around to...

Two shows on now in Wellington

First up, a brilliant interpretation of a Shakespeare’s Richard II. Richard II is a few years into his kingship and is starting to flex his power. After some dubious decisions regarding his...

So much on our plates!

Five & Dime WOAP dishes. Clockwise from top left: Wellington slushie, almond gazpacho and truffled white miso oysters, pineapple fritter, grilled sardine puttanesca. There’s only three days...




I am a digital media designer (MDes, BDes) with over 15 years experience in design. I have an interest in information interaction design and have recently worked on designs for iPhone and iPad applications.

I previously worked as a designer for the Ministry of Justice, which involved design information graphics, form design, application screen designs and animated prototypes to help secure internal development funding. Before this, I was also involved in designing interactive e-learning apps and information graphic content.

I have also recently helped develop a couple of recent NZ brands and I am also able to help out in that area for design work and work in with other designers if needed.

In 2010 I visited China and lived there for 4 months during the Shanghai expo. I would also like to help New Zealand companies that are interested in the China market, or Asian market in general.

I couple of years ago I finished off my masters degree at Massey, where I developed a new multitouch interface for stock market information. I am currently in the process of looking for local Apple developers that might be interested in teaming up - especially if you know your way around things like Core animation, Quartz composer. I have a design prototype, but hope to get a working prototype developed.

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