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Why Am I Running "It’s Not About You"?

It’s part of Hack Miramar to be open source, transparent and inclusive - that comes from who it is and the people that make up the community*. To that end I have always thought that we should...

Parochialism Will Ultimately Fail So Think Globally

Australian Prime Minister Turnbull’s recent flying visit to New Zealand, to meet our new PM Bill English, was a considerably more civil affair than Turnbull’s reportedly heated conversation...

Review of Paying for it and Easy living

Paying for it: an insider’s guide to the NZ sex industry The Prostitution Reform Act was passed in 2003 but apparently sex work is still a controversial job choice. As one of the speakers...



Alex Korban

I’m a founder at Aotea Studios. We create great products for business analysts with a focus on visual communication.

I’m also an experienced C++ and Ruby developer.

I’m excited about the changes in C++11 but I couldn’t find a decent resource to learn about it, so I’ve created a guide about it. It’s available from cpprocks.com

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