Unlimited Potential is a network of ICT professionals based in Wellington, NZ. Our goal is to provide our members with great free events and networking opportunities.

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Springing into a spa

Not that long ago, a new spa opened up in town, as part of the new apartment complex where Il Casino once played host to a million marriage proposals. We got invited to come and try them out,...

The content revolution

The Internet has the potential to completely change the model for content distribution here in New Zealand. Content could be one of the “killer apps”… Read the full article: ”The content...

Bitcoins and Altcoins: Privacy in a decentralised world

Great talk Vikram, and glad it was recorded – maybe place it in a blockchain to prove it happened (tho’ I think YouTube is good enough validation). The global… Read the full article:...




Ruth actively provides businesses support for entrepreneurs and growing businesses (especially ICT ones, of course) in Wellington.  After being blown away by the inspiring community at an UP event, she joined the Committee in 2007.  Since then, she’s helped improve access to business networks and assisted in the success of its events. Ruth is co-founder of bizchat, an online community for NZ businesses, and runs GetSussed, offering business advisory, programme & event management services.

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