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TechWeek 2017 - Two Initial Thoughts

I was asked two questions about the Access Granted road-trip we did for TechWeek 2017 - here’s my responses (let me know if you spot them in the wild as well 1) What was one of the highlights...

Review: Olive Copperbottom

Penny Ashton presents a new musical inspired by the writings of Charles Dickens as part of Comedy Festival 2017. Olive, a beautiful virtuous orphan, teaches the younger orphans at Mrs...

Shape of the Suburbs

Last weekend a friend asked on Twitter whether anyone had made a New Zealand equivalent of this poster of London boroughs, which took the outlines of the boroughs out of context by arranging...



Tom Reidy

The digital world has moved from interruptive marketing that breaks the focus of consumers, replicating what was done with traditional marketing and advertising. Now we follow a savvier and respectful discipline and approach to consumers.

Technology and marketing are where my passion is, the opportunity and abilities of technology becomes more mind-blowing with every second that passes. The future can’t come fast enough!

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