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Preview: All Good

Parekura and Ra re-unite on a night out in the town. Their past rekindles an old kind, odd romance for each other again. They enjoy the night and end up back at Parekura’s whare where...

Review: Woop Balance meal

Remember when we reviewed My Food Bag a bunch of years ago? We got approached by another company, and offered one meal. Unfortunately, they sent us shrimp. Have I mentioned lately in every...

Review: Mrs Krishnan’s Party

Indian Ink’s second show of the year is quite a step away from its first, and sets us in the back of Mrs Krishnan’s dairy, ready to celebrate Onam (a Hindu festival of life, death and...



Alex Korban

I’m a founder at Aotea Studios. We create great products for business analysts with a focus on visual communication.

I’m also an experienced C++ and Ruby developer.

I’m excited about the changes in C++11 but I couldn’t find a decent resource to learn about it, so I’ve created a guide about it. It’s available from cpprocks.com

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