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Easter markets

Here are the YES’s and NO’s for the usual Wellington markets over Easter if you fancy a wander and inhale or imbibe: YES’s: Frank Kitts underground craft market on Saturday Porirua and Hutt...

Southern Cycling

Are you one of the increasing number of cycling daredevils who spend mornings and evenings dodging the traffic on Riddiford Street, outrunning buses in the Adelaide Road bus lane, and watching...

Notional Significance: Flat

[See all Notional Significance posts] I set off along Taylor Terrace, and into the slow, steady heart of the suburbs. So far my path has traversed urban, edgelands and rural landscapes, with...




Noel worked as information technology officer of the National Computer Center of the Commission on ICT in the Philippines.  As Head for regional planning, coordination and monitoring,  his work involved ICT project management, strategic planning, business/systems development and capacity building. He was also into promoting and pursuing e-goveranance interventions in the public sector and was involved in a number of ICT4D programs and projects as well.  His passion for excellence and for ICT as a strategic tool for development transcends everything he does.

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