About Unlimited Potential

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Founded in 2003, Unlimited Potential (UP) is a Wellington-based Incorporated Society and professionals network with a passion to create and participate in a stimulating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in Wellington. UP exists to provide it’s members with networking opportunities, primarily through events.

What we do


We all like things that are free: beer, pizza, software, networking opportunities…

UP embraces a no-cost philosophy. Our events are free to our members. Membership is also free. We aren’t owned by anyone, and we don’t push any one thing. We have no hidden agenda, but we do encourage active participation and attendance at events. Our objective is simple: to create a better environment for ICT professionals in Wellington.

UP provides opportunities for you to meet with peers, ICT leaders, and the up-and-coming of the ICT industry in a relaxed and friendly environment. UP runs approximately one event every month.



Our membership consists of people with a broad range of skills and interests – including entrepreneurs, corporate sector professionals, education providers, and government officials.

UP merged with another network, The Wellies, in 2008. The Wellies are an informal expat network based locally in Wellington, specifically for IT professionals and their families. Wellies members have migrated to, or are considering migrating to Wellington from overseas. UP also manages the ICT Capital database.

If you have been to a few of our events, and think you’d like to get even more involved in the Wellington ICT community, you might like to think about assisting with UP events, or even joining the UP Executive. Contact a committee member if you’d like to get involved.

Executive Committee

UP is run by a dedicated voluntary Executive Committee. The committee is the driving force behind all UP operations including events, partnerships, communications, and broader networking. The Executive Committee is a team of inspiring, committed, energetic and tech-savvy Wellingtonians, and are voted on to the committee every year at UP’s AGM.


UP wouldn’t be able to run free events without the assistance of our wonderful sponsors.