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Vale! 2017

I was at a community event recently chatting to a friend and he commented, “you’ve had quite a busy year”. He was not wrong. But it was the first time it really struck me. Here’s a short...

Have A Rest, Turn Off Your Mobile Phone Syncing

ping, PING, flash, Notification, Icon, Bubble, PING ... who needs it during the holidays when we’re away from the hustle and bustle of work life.So turn it all off!AndroidOpen your device‚Äôs...

"Social Media" - Why Have That Phrase?

So, we all know what “social media” is eh - you know, when you see headlines such as, “Putting social media training on your Christmas list”, “Former Facebook exec: Social media is ripping...



Isaac Watts

The photo is me in the Metro in Santiago Chile. I am a New Zealander who can speak Spanish quite well but not perfectly. I have a business idea that requires me to network with people who are savvy on ICT especially programming for mobile devices. Would also love to talk to someone who knows about marketing.

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