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Preview: Medusa

With a head of poisonous snakes and a murderous gaze, Medusa has come to epitomise female monstrosity. Caravaggio painted her. Shakespeare wrote about her. Freud had a bloody field day. The...

Budburst is here to celebrate natural wines – win a double pass

I like any event centered around wine, so I’m really excited about Budburst, coming up on November 11 – the country’s only natural wine festival. Natural wines, you say? What exactly does...

Review: She Danced on a Friday

She Danced on a Friday is a spiritually evocative and heartbreaking play about a Hamilton murder in the early 1990s. Having only been in the country for four days, 32-year old Margery...




“One thing at a time. Most important thing first. Start now.”

Greetings, the name is Stan, I’m a tai chi master. I have been teaching as a master for a decade now, and continue to learn on a daily basis. Currently I’m learning a little more about tai chi history. It’s all very fascinating to me, especially the history + origins. I hope some day soon to travel and teach people, it would be my life’s work.

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