UP Lift - How Communities Help

Posted by Unlimited Potential on 28/04/11
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At a time when New Zealand is grappling with the twin economic challenges of a recession and a large scale natural disaster, it’s heartening to learn that Unlimited Potential made a difference to some small businesses around town. A lot of people are having hard times right now and the “recovery” might still be a long way off yet, according to some pundits. That’s why we need to help each other UP.

Community building can be a thankless task at times, until you hear some anecdotes about who met who through your great event and what transpired. We had a huge event year in 2010 and are aware that a number of good introductions happened at UP events that led on to teams being built and projects created. More specifically, we heard recently that, through Wellington to the World, a local angel investor was able to facilitate a new and unexpected relationship between the university research community and some hi-tech industrial projects happening in our region. One of our entrepreneur speakers from W2W 2010 recently commented, “last year’s event came at the right time and boosted our company profile, which in turn helped us secure our funding round.” We also heard that several of our business services partners have had referrals of brand new clients in the last year, directly as a result of their involvement with Unlimited Potential.

No doubt there are other stories out there. If you’ve found employment, made an investment, formed a company or had any other success as a direct result of making a contact or being inspired at an Unlimited Potential event - please get in touch or leave a comment below - we’d love to hear your story.

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